L-Chem is a small Cleveland, Ohio based company incorporated in 1985 for the purpose of developing and marketing the first commercial electrochemical CAD software. Since then, we have extended Cell-Design to address most aspects of electrochemical process and cell design, have licensed the software world-wide to small and large companies, developed numerous custom modules, and provided engineering and prototype design services to large, industry leading corporations and to small companies. Recently, L-Chem has introduced an innovative, multi-faceted diagnostic tool for the plating industry, the L-Cell, which provides the 21 st century a replacement for the aging ‘Hull-Cell’.

Visit us at the AESF SUR/FIN Conference in Cleveland, OHIO August 14 - August 15, 2007, booth 624 for actual demonstration of the software, including simulation of your own cell(s). L-Chem will also demonstrate the L-Cell, a new comprehensive tool for plating solutions. Bring your own electrolyte for analysis, or watch us analyze pre-mixed samples.

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