L-Chem, the company that pioneered electrochemical CAD software (‘Cell-Design’), is introducing another break-through product (patented):

A Revolutionary Device for Comprehensive Plating Process Diagnostics

21st Century replacement for the ‘Hull-Cell’ providing:

Computer-based quantitative diagnostics
- Acceptable plating range
- Additives adjustment
- Contamination/carbon treatment indication
- Throwing power

Process parameters
- Polarization curves
- Electrode kinetics
- Electrolyte conductivity

Plated samples across a precisely measured current density range
- Optimize plating window
- Alloy composition and partial currents
Fully automated rapid experiment
- No expertise is required, test is run automatically
- Fast 1 minute tests

Adjust chemistry using a 50 ml sample (reactant + additives)

Complete, ready-to-use package containing:

- L-Cell
- Electronics control module with power supply and data acquisition card
- Software for data acquisition and analysis
- 30 test templates (good for 120 tests)
- Comprehensive manual

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Compatible with all chemistries with the exception of chrome plating electrolytes. Tested in:

  • Acid copper
  • Nickel (watts)
  • Gold (Citrate and phosphate)
  • Tin (Bright and matte)

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