Uziel Landau – The president and founder of L-Chem.

Dr. Landau is a Professor of chemical engineering at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, OH. He holds a PhD in Chemical Engineering from the University of California, Berkeley and has worked at Bell Labs, Murray Hill in metal finishing in electronics prior to joining Case. Dr. Landau has been conducting research in electroplating, electrochemical process modeling, battery design and fuel-cells, anodizing and corrosion, and has provided consultation services world-wide.

Eugene Malyshev – L-Chem’s main software development engineer.

Eugene holds a MS degree in Mechanical engineering from the Baltic State University , St Petersburgh, Russia . In the past 7 years Eugene has developed many of Cell-Design’s advanced modules, has been the major designer and tester of the L-Cell prototype, and has developed the software for the system.

Sergey Chivilikhin - software developer

Sergey holds a PhD in advanced mathematics and physics. He has developed (and published) numerous models that involve flow and phase change at solid/liquid boundaries. Sergey has been L-Chem’s main developer of the fluid-flow module and the micro-scale with fluid flow module.


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